Terpene Flavor Wheel Print

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As a connoisseur, you know that every cultivar is different, each with a distinct scent and taste which play important parts in the overall experience. With a quick glance, the Terpene Flavour Wheel Print allows you to reference which terpenes are contributing to the unique aroma and flavour of your cannabis and/or what distinct olfactory properties are present in the terpenes on a lab report. The Terpene Flavour Wheel Print features a minimal design with just enough colour to be a quick reference for you or your friends.

Printed on a thick matte finished archival paper using an ultra-high-quality press for stunning colours and resolution.


18” x 24"
Illustrated overview of the scents and flavours of 24 of the most common terpenes
Designed by Goldleaf
Printed in the USA

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