CBD vs THC Comparison Chart Print

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Our CBD v. THC Print is a clean and modern infographic that will help you identify an effective starting point for treatment of twenty common ailments. With a focus on two of the most helpful and studied cannabinoids, this art print indicates which medical symptoms usually respond best to CBD, THC, and from a combination of the two cannabinoids. This print is a useful way to educate you, your friends, or your patients, and displays beautifully in medical offices, dispensaries, or the home of anyone enthusiastic about the science behind cannabis. The CBD v. THC Print is designed for simplicity and approachability, and is printed on a thick matte finished archival paper using an ultra-high-quality press for stunning colours and resolution.


18 x 24" or 24 x 36"
Illustrated overview of the medical benefits of CBD and THC for 20 medical ailments
Compares the price, purity, and efficiency of each method
Designed by Goldleaf
Printed in the USA
Source: NCBI, U.S. National Library of Medicine

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