Tips for Smoking Weed at Your Holiday Party

November 29, 2019

Hi friends! 


‘Tis the season for holiday parties full of drunken friends and family! But what if you’re more of a cannabis smoker? How do you navigate the season as a conscientious weed smoker?


How you feel about consuming cannabis at a party really depends on the crowd and the vibe. You might be the only weed smoker among your friends or co-workers, or everyone might be weed smokers. It might surprise you who busts out a joint. I’m a nurse so it is ALWAYS a toss up at our work parties. Whether you’re the only stoner at the function or in a room full of consumers, here are my tips for being a good canna-guest: 


  1. BE MINDFUL: Try to be as respectful as possible about where you smoke. NEVER smoke indoors around other people, even if you’re hosting at your own house. Some people are uber sensitive to smoke of any kind and you don’t want to ruin anyone else’s night.
  2. SMELL: Try to contain the smell as much as possible. Keeping your cannabis in a smell resistant bag or container is super considerate as some people are sensitive to smells and weed certainly has an odor. Might we suggest a Hush Kush pouch? I also like to chew gum or put a little peppermint essential oil on my tongue after I smoke as an extra courtesy.
  3. SHARE: Bring enough to share if you can! You never know who else might want in on that action. If you are sharing however, make sure the person hasn’t been drinking and warn them of the potency!
  4. DRESS IT UP: Bring your nicest smokeware for the occasion! It can be tempting to just bring a  joint or two when you’re out and about, but bringing something special to smoke out of can bring a festive mood. Plus, I find joints leave a more lingering weed smell because of the extra smoke and you usually end up carrying a half-burned roach around. A porcelain one-hitter and cute grinder with the chamber pre-filled with weed is usually all I bring to parties. If I know I’m going to be sharing with a few people, I may pre-roll some joints but make sure I bring a joint extender to elevate the experience for everyone! Extenders ensure smoke stays away from your face and really cools down the smoke for a much milder throat burn.
  5. POTENCY: I like to bring a mild THC cannabis to parties to ensure I don’t get too stoned (especially because I know I’ll want to have at least a few seshes through the night with different people) but also so I feel comfortable sharing with anyone else who may want a puff.
  6. DON’T OVERDO IT: Try your best to not over-consume! You're probably looking for a fun, mellow vibe, not an anxious one! Keep this in mind especially if you’re consuming edibles because it is SO easy to over-consume. I prefer to inhale cannabis because it kicks in immediately and only lasts about an hour or two. 
  7. BE SAFE: Have a ride home planned and don’t worry about being a downer when reminding your friends to do the same (their safety and the safety of everyone else on the road is more important than feeling like a party pooper)


Do you have a go-to party strain or any other rules you follow when you’re partying with weed? Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram to share your canna-wisdom with us! 


xo Jenna