Hosting with Weed at the Holidays

November 21, 2019


Whether you’re a weed smoker or not, an easy way to impress your cannabis consuming guests is to make sure they feel like you thought of them while planning your holiday party! Here are a few ways you can make sure all of your canna-friends feel extra special:


  1. Have a designated smoking spot that is on-theme and comfortable. We live in Ontario so smoking outside in December is usually a NIGHTMARE experience. Try to choose a spot that's at least shielded from the wind and well lit. Even stringing up some fairy lights in your garage adds a festive vibe and makes it feel like you’re still part of the party when you’re toking up! Plus, having a designated area will keep your guests from smoking where you’d rather they didn’t (like under your grumpiest neighbour’s window!)
  2. Just after cannabis legalization, I went to a party (it was at Quinn’s house TBH) where she had pre-rolled a few joints with different strains and had cannabis infused gummy bears in cute bowls. I almost DIED with how “thought of” I felt. It was the first time I’d been served my drug of choice at a party and it felt amazing to have my preferred intoxicator alongside the booze. In Ontario you are allowed to share up to 30 grams of cannabis, so serving your guests is totally legal!
  3. If you have edibles hanging around make sure they are clearly labelled!! Nothing worse than accidentally drugging a co-worker without their consent. 
  4. Make sure to clean your smokeware before the party so they’re ready to impress. Consider having a few pipe or bong options for people to try! 
  5. SNACKS. Making sure you have munchies and non-alcoholic beverage options is always a nice touch!


I hope you have so much fun at your holiday parties! 


xo Jenna