About Prairie + Luna


Hi :) We are Jenna and Quinn and we own Prairie + Luna. 

We are best friends who have, separately and then fortunately together, smoked a lot of weed. In this new cannabis retail space we hope to be a safe haven for anyone new to cannabis, or anyone who just has a lot of questions. We specialize in matching cannabis strains to your desired experience. 

COMING SOON: the full cannabis retail experience. You will be able to shop our website for LEGAL, recreational cannabis! If shopping for cannabis products, they must be picked up in person at our Pembroke location by the person who placed the order.

Our accessories will still be available for shipping across Canada by shopping our main website. Add items to your cart as normal, just don't add items from the "Shop Cannabis" section.

Bottom line: We will LITERALLY NEVER try to sell you anything we haven't used ourselves AND that we would not give to one another as an actual birthday gift. That's the standard and it always will be at Prairie + Luna.


For our internet friends, we will be a retail space as well as a place for good chats, honest reviews, and extremely cute #content.

For our local friends, we will soon (FALL 2020) be open in The Mews in Downtown Pembroke, Ontario (10-143 Pembroke Street W)!!! Picture: retail, informational workshops, so many collabs. 

To the grown adults of Pembroke and Petawawa and the entire internet, we all deserve to be consuming our cannabis in an informed, wellness conscious, and LUXURIOUS fashion.


Best friend quality and stoner lady approved, always.


Jenna + Quinn